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The Reluctant Poser

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The Reluctant Poser

February 13, 2017


Simon Bratt

I'm sure I'm not the only person who hates having their photo taken. I remember the great relief when, as a teenager, I had my first camera and I was able to be the one behind the camera taking the family photos. What a wonderful excuse not to be in front of the camera. Being the photographer in the family it's fortunately been the same ever since.

My wife and I really do go on holidays together, but you'd never know it from the photos we bring back. She invariably looks like a lone traveller, and I must appear to others as her stalker, following along with the camera to capture her in various places and poses.

These days, even more so than ever, everyone is snapping every move they make and posting it online for everyone to see. "I am just going to put the rubbish out, hang on, let me grab a selfie stick and snap me pouring the rubbish in to the bin (cheeky smile and a pout...)" So many life events posted online everyday. Actually maybe pouting is reserved for the girls only, God I hope so!

As up to date and as cool as I am, I never really 'got it' with the whole selfie craze. I'm sure it's an age thing. I confess though, I have taken a few selfies, but it was more of an experiment. It really was!

Well, as it happens, those of us who really REALLY don't like their photo being taken actually have good reason for not liking images of ourselves...